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iOS Wallet

Desktop Wallet.



Hardware Wallet

Desktop and Android

Foldy Paper APP is awesome for generating paper wallets.

Great iOS and Desketop Wallet

Get Started Using Bitcoin With These Wallets

DAndroid Wallet

iOS Wallet, early segwit adopter

Excellent Hardware Wallet.

Advanced Paper Wallet Generation and learning.

You can use any of the links above to get started.  You can download all the digital wallets above on the left to your SmartPhone via the APP store.  As you progress you may want the security and safety of generating your own Bitcoin addresses, and hey its just a lot of fun to boot, but be careful, the mismanagement of your keys can result in losing your Bitcoin forever.  Lost private keys cannot be recovered by anyone on the planet and will result in a loss of that bitcoin not only for you but for the entire Bitcoin system.  Generating your own wallets requires advancing knowledge, you will want to be comfortable with Bitcoin before managing your own public AND private keys.  If your interested in generating your own Bitcoin addresses for cold storage, or just for fun,  you can use the links above on the right to get started.

A fun way of making Paper Wallets as Gifts

iOS Wallet

Android Wallet