FinCEN MSB REGISTRATION# 31000095275143


In order to provide an appropriate level of security for your Bitcoin, we use a Tiered level security system.  What this means is that in general if you are purchasing Bitcoin within Tier ($1 to $60) you can do so by simply using  your cell phone number and setting up your own personal PIN number. 

As your transaction levels increases so does your security Tier, and the measures we take to ensure your Bitcoin is safe.  When you decide to transact in Tier 2 ($60 to $9000) we will require you to enter more information such as scanning a Gov Issues Identification or providing a photo of your ID.  Scanning your identification card can be done via its metal strip or by scanning the bar code.  Taking this photo can be done via a the BATM's high resolution camera.  The BATM will guide you through step by step in this the process.  However, using the BATM's camera can be a delicate process requiring patience to align the ID to the camera brackets on the screen.  Alternatively, as you can send this information to us at anytime at  This is to help ensure that you do not experience any disruption in service while  your submitted information is being processed. 

If the BATM detects a mismatch in the information that you have provided it will lock your account out for manual analysis.  As a money service business we are required to provide this level of security and collect certain information in order to be in compliance with regulations governing Money Service Businesses, as well as the Bank Secrecy Act. 

In most cases these processes are automated by the BATM itself, and as long as it does not flag any mismatches in the information you provide, no manual intervention is required.  We do not share your information and in many cases we don't even see it, unless the BATM determines a mismatch between it's real time database sources and the information you provide.  We do not share or sell any of your private information to any other business or companies, accept as required to conduct our operations.  We only release your information if required to by court order, or a request made by an appropriately authorized law enforcement agency, since our operations began on February, 1st 2017, this type of request has never been made.

If you have been requested to provide security information such as a photo of your Gov issue identification, you may do so by sending it to our security division at   Alternatively you can communicate with us securely through our trouble ticket portal, this portal as with all information on our website, is protected via Secure Sockets Layer(SSL), just click on the SUPPORT link above.